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Election Day Flyer copy_edited.jpg

How to Vote with Paper Ballot
in Bandera County

Bandera County Voters: There are changes to how you will be voting beginning the upcoming November 2022 General Election. The basic process is much the same with a few added steps. A paper ballot print out and scan is part of the change. Please read and view the information presented in order to be prepared at your polling place.

Your vote is your voice!

Steps for
Successful Voting

Election Day Flyer copy_edited.jpg

Step 1 - Know your voting precinct. Study your  sample ballot  prior to voting. Know your candidates!

Step 2 - Present a  valid ID  then begin your check-in procedure.

Step 3 - When check-in is completed, you will receive an access code and a blank ballot page.

Step 4 - Select a voting machine and  proceed as shown in  this video.

Step 5 - Congratulations! You have cast your ballot!

While in the polling area: 

No cell phones, No texting, No photos, No campaign material, NO LOITERING!

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