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Speak Out!

 Choose Your Don

Laurence Doxsey

Medina, TX, resident and Column Contributor to the Bandera Bulletin


(Don – Italian - A powerful Mafia Leader) That clever old dude, President Biden, keeps building on his Republican claimed “crime family” laurels.  After pulling off the humongous effort of stealing the 2020 Presidential election, he has now spearheaded the felony conviction of Donald Trump on 34 counts. He did not even need to use the US Justice Department to accomplish this as non-federal Manhattan prosecutors took care of the dirty work. 

Following Trump’s outcries of how he is persecuted/prosecuted unfairly and how he will seek revenge when he is da’ big boss (President), Biden “let” his Justice Department convict his son Hunter and then pledged not to pardon him - quite clever, right?

The fact is we have this crime family accusation turned backwards as has been the case with almost every accusation (among the gibberish) that comes out of Trump’s mouth.

Let’s consider which of our Presidential candidates has the following messy legal trail.

Whose family held organization has been found guilty of tax fraud and other crimes totaling 17 counts in 2022? The jury decision took 2 days and found a 15-year scheme to defraud and hide off-the-books perks such as company paid vehicles and luxury apartments. 

Whose family held organization was found liable in a financial fraud case in 2024 resulting in $354 million (not including interest) disgorgement of ill-gotten gains? Contempt of court violations resulting in a $110,000 fine plus gag order violations occurred in this particular case. The family’s state business license was also terminated.  

Whose family “Foundation” was dissolved by court order for ethical and legal violations, including failure to register in New York, self-dealing and illegal campaign contributions?

Whose unaccredited “University” was forced to close and settle for $25 million after investigations by the New York State Attorney General and Federal class action suits? Called a “massive scam” by National Review, the students had paid tuition amounts starting at $1500 for 3 days to gold and elite mentored courses ranging from $10,000 to $35,000.  

Whose company stands accused of destroying corporate records for decades? This continued to be a pattern even in his government position, reportedly even flushing handwritten notes down the toilet.  One example of many that seems to kick off this practice was in 1973 when the company was accused of refusing to rent apartments to African Americans. When subpoenaed the perpetrator said his company had destroyed corporate records related to the matter to “save space.” 


Whose business had alleged dealings with organized crime families in New York, Philadelphia and Atlantic City? The Wall Street journal investigated and exposed these ties as well as journalists David Cay Johnson and Wayne Barrett. It may have been standard operating procedure for building related projects to have to deal with mob-controlled businesses. But the “business” was sloppy enough in such relations that a $450,000 fine from the Casino Gaming Commission resulted for the business due to a million dollar plus “gift” to an acquaintance of a mob boss. 

Whose business has been involved in over 4,000 legal cases in federal and state courts including fights with casino patrons, real estate lawsuits, personal defamation lawsuits, and over 100 business tax disputes? This number of cases vastly outnumbers any other business in similar fields – truly a feast for the legal profession that continues to this day.


Who has 8 political and business associates that have gone to prison plus 3 others that have taken plea deals just within the past few years? Politicos Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulis, Roger Stone, Rick Gates are likely not the only ones in this predicament. Allen Weisselberg and Michael Cohen took the rap for the corporate business. Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro and Scott Hall decided to take a plea deal.  Some here and others outside this list have pending lawsuits and possible criminal indictments to look forward to through their “work” with this candidate.    

Unless you have been living under a rock, it isn’t hard to guess that convicted felon Donald Trump is the answer. We have also seen sexual assault and defamation legal outcomes against Trump plus pending state racketeering and 2 serious Federal cases to be added to the rap sheet. 

Now, for the list for Joe Biden:  his drug addled son was convicted of lying on gun acquisition paperwork and ???... Oh right! His dog is mean. Maybe the House Republicans’ Oversight Committee will find something. So far - nothing.

When you look at this score sheet, it seems that if you want a crime family President for this country, you need to vote for one that is smart enough to not get caught or into so much legal peril.


It looks like Biden wins this one easily.

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